11 October 2019

NO’34  “Tribute to Istanbul” Murat AYTULUM

Fashion designer Murat Aytulum, who became prominent with his special thematic collections on leather, created using very special techniques; brings the theme of ISTANBUL to the audience with his SS20 collection called NO’34 on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Inspired by the different colors, texture and energy of Istanbul, the collection consists of blocks that dominated by dynamic colors. The collections created based on MONDRIAN's color scale, who used geomerty as a painting language; includes references to Istanbul in a certain style and art language. The colors used in the collection and the meanings expressed by these colors are a compliment to Istanbul.

A colorful collection

Yellow, Red and Blue are mainly used in the collection is accompanied by Black / White optical patterns. The harmonious dance of colors, dynamic and colorful silhouettes refer to the attractive, cheerful and entertaining side of Istanbul, while the Black and White patterns represent the sharp and complex side of life. The harmony created by all these colors together makes a poetic reference to how the rhythm of life flows in Istanbul nested and in harmony.

NO’34 Murat Aytulum Collection, where you will find all the colors of Istanbul and energy of the rhythms in the flow of life at NO 34 Runway SS20 which will take place at Zorlu PSM within the scope of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at 12.30 on Thursday, October 10; promises a surprising season in the footsteps of constantly alive and changing colors and symbols like Istanbul.

About the Designer


1997- Graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Theater Art Major, Decor and Costume Design Department.
1997- Became the winner of the third price at the LEATHER CLOTHING DESIGN CONTEST organized by Ezgi Ajans.
1998-He was one of the finalists in Smirnoff World Fashion Contest and received honorable mentions in various competitions.
1998- He exhibited his "Virgins with Horses" collection at IF Fashion Fair.
1998- Started to prepare professional collections in leather sector and engaged in company consutancy.
1999- He worked as editor and art director in TV and Advertising sector.
2000-2010- He prepared Free-Lance company collections. He prepared image collections of many companies within the scope of Lee-Show.
2010- Established its own brand name.
2011- he introduced her first collection "PUPPET" as a Fashion Designer to the consumers at Galata Fashion Festival.
2011- He made his first personal fashion show as part of the Galata Fashion Festival (on the White Platform Podium)
2011- He introduced the "PUPPET" collection at Istanbul Leather Fair.
2011- He did styling works in Social Responsibility project called "THEY HAVE WINGED"
2011-12- Galata Fashion Festival 2012 Spring / Summer collection was introduced to consumers.
2011- Exhibited his collection at Alacati Milfest Fashion Festival.
2011-2012 Exhibited his Spring / Summer collection at Istanbul Fashion Week Show Room.
2011- Designed pillows in Social Responsibility project called "Gift of Life".
2012- Galata Fashion Festival 2012-2013 Fall / Winter collection was introduced to consumers.
2012-13-Performed artist (stage-clip costumes) image consultancies and designs.
2013- He worked as an art director in Social Responsibility project "GIVE LIFE"
2013-He took part in Ordes / Organ Transplant Support Association Fashion Show.
2014- Presented "Love Therapy" 2014-2015 Fall / Winter collection in the "Le Show" Leather Fair.
2014- Within the scope of APLF Leather Fair in Hong Kong with DTG sponsor, presented the "Turqoise" project.
2015- Presented the 2015 Fall / Winter collection called "Depression"  within the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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