Emre Pakel
Company Name : Emre Pakel
Website : pakel.click
E-mail : [email protected]
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Pr:Boreal İstanbul
Press Contact
Name, Surname: Cansu Aydın
Emre Pakel was born in 1992. He completed his primary and secondary education in Doğa Koleji and Woodinville High school. After he studied German Language and Literature in Ankara he entitled to enrol Başkent University fashion design at fine arts faculty with a full scholarship and then first degree finished in 2017.After that he was continued the education at İstanbul Moda Academy Fashion Design and Marketing.In 2018 he won the Central Saint Martins Graduate Diploma Program and he will continue his education next year. He won the secondary prize at 5. DENIB Home and Beach Wear Design Contest and he won EIB Fashion Design Contest as a first winner at 2017.He worked as an intern at Tuvana Büyükçınar and Beymen design Academia. He also was the assistant designer for Nihan Buruk brand.Afrer that he worked as a designer at Damat tween and he will corporate with a new brand who supporting young talents Sanayi Nefise İstanbul in 2018.In June 2018 he created own brand Pakel.