Can Yunus Çetinkaya
Company Name : Can Yunus Çetinkaya
Website : www.candesign.com.tr
E-mail : [email protected]
Phone : -
Vali Konağı Caddesi No: 113/3 Nişantaşı / Istanbul - TURKEY
Press Contact
Name, Surname: Gizem Yavuz Alpgiray

Can Yunus Çetinkaya was born in 1981. After completing all the underlying educational courses in pursuance of being a men’s fashion designer he aimed as a target in 1997, he completed his fashion design education at Milan Fashion Campus in 2004. 


Since 2005, he has preparing accessories, designing fabrics, making ready-made clothing collections and acting as a fashion consultant for leading local and international brands. He prepares 2 main collections each year under the brand “Can” registered in 2010 and, sell them at the headquarter located in Nişantaşı to corporations and individuals. 


Can describes himself as an explorer. His target audience is those, who are bored of city life, has distinctive, understated details, and dress chic, casual clothes and, pursues a new exploration project each year to prepare his collections. He combines his collections with the products that have distinctive patterns, colors and accessories to integrate them in a new exploration. He introduces his collections with workshops organized for educational purposes and, serves as a lecturer in Marmara University for various projects.