10 October 2019

12 Thousand Göbeklitepe
"World’s oldest fashion comes into life in Fashion Week"

History of 12 thousand years in Sanliurfa Gobeklitepe which has been ranked under the UNESCO World Haritage List and attracted the attention of the whole word; New collection of designer Yelda Aslan called “12 thousand Gobeklitepe” which has been created with the patterns of the painter Serra Erdogan will meet the audience for the first time in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

“Journey of thousands of years old love, rage and faith through time”

Yelda Aslan, the designer who transformed the opening up of the adventures of the mankind started 12 thousand years ago to the world from its motherland Gobeklitepe, love, rage and faith which are the vital emotions of human history of thousands of year into a special colletion with futuristic nature; will showcase this special works which has been created with the paintings and patterns of Serra Erdogan, who produced 22 different themes, to audience on October 9th, 2019, Wednesday as a part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Styling of the runway coreographed by Ozgun Inanc Gulle is prepared by Mert Yemencioglu, and its music by Tankut Karakurt.

About the Designer;

After graduating from Yeditepe University “Brand Management”  major, Yelda ASLAN has succesfully completed private school of Mediha Yener for Designers and Stylers.

She launched her designs in her boutique named Yelda Butik after she completed her academic aducation. Yelda Aslan, who goes after diversity with her authentic designs in textile and ready-to-wear clothing industry and reflects such diversity to her works, has perfomed her first solo runway with the concept of “Rocky Girl”. The designer who has reached to different audiences with her runway “Root” performed with Tema Foundation, aims to bring the very special patterns of the painter Serra Erdogan created under the inspiration of Gobeklitepe to the audiences on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with Gobeklitepe 12 thousand runway by reflecting such patterns to fabric.

About the Artist;

Born in Istanbul, 1981.

Received Computer Engineering and Master of Business educations in American University.

Serra Erdoğan, who has 14 published books, authored different works such as novels, essays and poetries.

Realized simultaneously with her Göbeklitepe book to be published in October, her paintings created a different style and experience in the art world with her works made with special pencils on velvet applied for the first time in the world.

Serra Erdoğan, who brought a breath of fresh air and style in the art world with the Red Jerusalem Exhibition in September says; “What’s intended with the Futurism Paint understanding is not to determine the moment of movement in the universe, but to announce the movement itself. Everything is in motion and variable. The movement changes until the effect left by the beings in motion to the eye is perceived, which is precisely why the running horse has twenty legs, not four. The variability of perception created in our eyes is also reflected in life. In my Göbeklitepe works, I wanted to process the projection that the perception of the past will create over the future and our perception deformations of this mobility in reaching the change of time. Renewal of our roots and memories, which has been transferred for generations, and transfer of them to future is possible with art.

Photo by Getty Images