10 October 2019

Özlem Süer presented her Spring-Summer 20’ collection at the fashion show held at Zorlu PSM as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul on October 8 after the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. The high-energy collection of the upcoming season, which was welcomed with great interest by the fashion capitals, was the theme of the fashion show with the concept of “courage” which is the starting point of creativity. The show was in line with “Daily Couture” with natural, free and experimental formulas including asymmetric cuts with saffron feel based on the great balance of black and white, also carrying the traces of “Pret-a Couture” thanks to the special draping technique of Özlem Süer brand as well as its internal and unique production. Based on the “BODY POSITIVE” principle, the performance, which provides a strong and naturally loyal reflection of the state of being a woman, was realized with the aim of high digital access with great participation. Preferring natural production in contrast to artificial production trends around the world, the show supported the theme of courage with its main sponsor Voonka Beauty.

The Spring-Summer 20’ collection was first presented to the fashion world in New York, then simultaneously in Istanbul and Paris. This journey will continue impressing the masses in Thailand, London and Milan with its remarkable and fascinating designs.

The fashion models’ acting out of the box and in contrary to popular culture and taking the podium without make-up was a part of the collection’s underlying theme: “Courage”. Facing the fact that artificial duties and objects imposed on women commodify women, the world women started a new period of encouraging the world women for naturality. In response to this phenomenon of commodification, the movement of naturalization kept snowballing. It was emphasized that the women may be in all fields of life in every form they prefer.

Yasin Soy choreography was performed by successful models in the show with hair design by Sabit Akkaya and make-up by the Nars team. Video shoots was carried out by Serhat Özdemir. With its new season models supporting the theme of courage, Loie Istanbul shoes maximized the styling effect in the fashion show.

During the fashion show, the theme was conveyed by the stimulation of four senses of the guests at the same time with MG International Fragrance Company’s gerbera flower essence.

Photo by Getty Images