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INDELIBLE TRACES is the headline of HEMINGTON‘s new autum-winter collection for 2019/20. We are taken back to the days of vikings and the settlement of norse people on Shetlands and Orkneys. With time being cultures and patterns of natives celts, picts, scots and immigrant norse mixed and evolved each other: typical tangled cable patterns, colourful jacquards, argyles and tartans in harmonic and bright colours raised. HEMINGTON reflects skilful these timeless patterns, combines them with exclusive designs in luxurious materials and transforms them into an outstanding collection for autumn-winter 2019/20.
Early in life, Sascha A. Klumpp discovered his passion for fashion and from then on consistently followed the path to be a designer. He worked in the luxury textile retail, completed internships at Betty Barclay, studied design at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier and at the London College of Fashion, and graduated in 2000 as a designer as the best of his class.
In the years that followed, he worked successfully in the premium textile industry: as Chief Designer at Burlington, as Creative Manager at Hugo Boss,
as Creative Director at Roy Robson and as Chief Creative Officer for Bugatti Bags and Designer for Céline Dion’s bags collection.
As Creative Director at Hemington Sascha A. Klumpp is responsible for the design and image of line and for marketing.