Gökhan Yavaş
Gökhan Yavaş
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Name, Surname : Funda Afşar
Phone : 0212 240 85 90
Company Name : Gökhan Yavaş
Website : www.gokhannyavas.com
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Merkez Mahallesi Hanımefendi Sokak No:37 Mavi Palas Apartmanı Daire:2 Giriş Katı Şişli / İstanbul
“HYDROMEL” A period in which transformation is most comfortable, at the peak of social mobility, on the edge of sexual revolution. This period's key word is "Freedom". Years pass, world changes but the love of the 70's never fades away. City clubs, casinos and discotheques... Boğaziçi, Tarabya , Moda , Elmadağ... İstanbul... The collection, named after Hydromel, which was one of the biggest discotheques in Istanbul in 70's, consists of 70 pieces and 30 looks. The bright and colorful character of the period blends with today's trends in jacquards in fabric details and handmade applications. The transformation created by the dominant hippie culture on the historical peninsula in those years leaves traces in the collection with slogan icons. While carrying retro traces, the collection is more like a salute to the 70s İstanbul's streets and clubs.
Born in 1988, Gokhan Yavas graduated from DEÜ Faculty of Fine Arts- Textile and Fashion Design Department. Then, he completed Leather Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Design in 2013 at IMA and completed “Fashion Design and Management” training in 2015. He worked as a designer in "Tornado Deri" Company between 2013/2015 and "Damat & Tween" between 2015/2017. By now, he has performed “New Gen Catwalk” Fall-Winter 2017 Menswear Collection in 2017, has won 24th Koza Young Fashion Designers Competition Second Prize in 2016, has performed “New Gen Catwalk” Spring-Summer 2016 Menswear Collection, “Fall2018” then “Spring-Summer 2019” Mini Runway Catwalk and “Fall 2019” Runway Catwalk within Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. In August 2017, he established his own brand in order to bring a breath of fresh air to streetwear fashion. For more designs of Gokhan Yavas, please visit: www.gokhannyavas.com